Can You Keep This Simple Secret of Success: Simplicity IS the Secret… SHUSH!

Sissela Bok

“We are all, in a sense, experts on secrecy. From earliest childhood we feel its mystery and attraction. We know both the power it confers and the burden it imposes. We learn how it can delight, give breathing space and protect.” – Sissela Bok, Born Dec. 2, 1934.

Information is practically worthless nowadays. What you can sell though, all day long, are SECRETS.


I will give you one of my best secrets for free:

Become effective at simply executing those “simple“ things in our work with consistency and persistence.

To repeat:


And persistence.

Most people won't do this.

Because they don't believe it could be that easy. They think it MUST be some secret thing that makes this seemingly simple thing you're doing work so well.

Let them believe it's a secret. Offer to teach it to them. Then just explain to them how to do the simple things you did.

Throw in what not to do (like, don't make it complicated).

Then tell them the kind of attitude they should have while they do it (mindset, baby).

They will thank you for the privilege of paying to learn your secrets.

They will praise you.

They will buy from you.

And then, one final secret: most likely, they won't do anything with it.

Everyone wants to know how the magic trick is done – but they don't actually want to put in the practice or get on stage.

But they will definitely pay to learn the trick.

Get it?

Now don't tell anyone, OK?

Pinky swear!

2 thoughts on “Can You Keep This Simple Secret of Success: Simplicity IS the Secret… SHUSH!”

  1. – First I’d have to know how to do the complicated thing first right….and do it well?

    – Three really broad “steps” is part of the pitch or it’s the actual teaching of the thing?

    1. Well that’s up to you – you must learn to do the complicated thing and then simplify it. That is where the value is created. For the three steps, it can be a way to teach AND a way to sell you as a teacher. Typically the three steps give a better overview and understanding, and then the student will want more detail and ask the teacher. Just like you did here. If I had some thing to sell you as an expansion here, you would probably buy it. 🙂

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