Create Valuable Unique Information You Can SELL – Just Stop Learning and Start Doing

Hosea Ballou

“Theories are always very thin and insubstantial. Experience only is tangible.” – Hosea Ballou, Born Apr. 30, 1771.

If you want to shift from being a consumer of information to a producer and seller of information – positioned as an expert in your chosen topic, learn this.

Take whatever you're consuming, learning, reading, watching – and start APPLYING it. Put it into practice.

You don't have to SUCCEED just yet. You just need to implement.

This converts theory into actual experience. Right or wrong, succeed or fail.

Because that knowledge which originally came from elsewhere has now been altered by passing through you. It becomes yours when it's married to your own experience. It's adapted by your own knowledge and skill.

Your description of your experience with it becomes a new and unique piece of content despite borrowing someone else's info to create it.

Combine and compile the best practices you find to create your own formulas and methods and outlines. Give credit for what you borrow, of course, but through use you change it substantially. Make it your own. Frankenstein them together.

That way when you repeat YOUR strategies, write them, record them, teach them, sell them – you are now elevating that information into a presentation that stands apart from any competing source.

It's tangible, because it is a byproduct of your hands rather than just a figment of your brain's imagination. It has been tested. It has been demonstrated. It's not hypothetical.

And you don't even have to create it or make it up. Just take what other people are doing or teaching, and then do it yourself.

Your different experiences, resources, talents, POV, and personality will all naturally alter and mutate it. You'll add a bit here, cut a bit there, change the order of this, move the process for that.

Combine, compare, contrast many different sources for your efforts, and they all go through the blender of your very soul when you first EXECUTE before you SERVE UP the margarita of your mind.

You can transform your fortunes today using only this advice. Heed it.

Or sit back and watch other people do it.

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