The Secret For Transmuting Worthless Information Into Valuable Knowledge You Can Sell

William Blake

“The true method of knowledge is experiment.” – William Blake, Born Nov. 28, 1757.

Knowledge is power. Information, on the other hand, is worthless.

Anyone can find information. Information is some shit you read, or heard, or saw. Some shit some guy told you, that he is repeating from some shit some guy told him.

Information is what MIGHT be so…

KNOWLEDGE, on the other hand, is what IS so.

You know it. It's not a belief or a hunch or an inkling or a guess. You KNOW.

People will not value information. But they will pay top dollar to KNOW when it's vital to making an important decision.

So if you want to be an expert who sells your services and advice for top dollar, you don't want to deal in mere information. You sell knowledge. Certainty. Experience.

And how do you get it? Not by blogging, or posting, or participating in communities, or hand copying old-ass sales pages in a yellow legal pad by hand.

You get experience by working and publishing and engaging an audience. You take the information you have, and you put it to the test in the real world. Experiment. See what works, how and why. Discover what fails and how to avoid it.

That is what transforms information into *knowledge* and thereby drastically increases its value. It's no longer theory that might maybe work or not. You have the facts. The real world data. You KNOW where others just suppose.

That's all it takes. Stop gathering information, and start creating knowledge. You can sell knowledge for high prices. Information, meanwhile, has to be sold for the lowest competing price.

And here is the last, best part about dealing in knowledge as a commodity: no one else has it.

Sure, they might have SOME knowledge. And it might even be good. But it's not YOUR knowledge. Only you have that specific product. No one else. And if people want it, they have to get it from you.

So start some experiments today. Measure some results from applying information you've gathered. Make it real. Make it a byproduct of experience and turn it into knowledge. Sell that knowledge to the people who can gain the most from it, and you'll earn the most for it.

That's it.

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  1. Just what I needed to hear. I need to make some “movement” and the best way is to “measure” some results of something. Which basically means I need to experiment and stop analyzing things. In simple terms, JUST DO IT.

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