How to Sell By Telling People What They WILL NOT Get When They Buy

Sigmund Freud

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” – Sigmund Freud, Born May 6, 1856.

But Siggy, what if people could have freedom, but WITHOUT the burden of responsibility?

Wouldn't that be the greatest thing since sliced bread?

What would people pay for that kind of thing?

The answer is infinity dollars.

This is sold every day, and even though it is never truly delivered, it sure doesn't stop people from buying again and again.

Lose weight while eating whatever you want.

Quit your addictions easily and painlessly.

Become attractive to them opposite sex without becoming fit or pretty or interesting or smart or rich.

Get rich without working hard.

Everyone wants the treasure without needing to go on the dangerous quest that will test their mettle and make them earn it.

You can make that promise to people. Even if they doubt it, they often will WANT to believe it so badly, they will fall for it again and again.

But THIS time, it's different. Because it takes my metabolism into account. Because I'm dealing with my mindset first. Because it uses pheromones. Because it is magical. Because I deserve what I want.

How can you describe what you're selling as the key to freedom without responsibility? Freedom from worry, pain, labor, boredom… Without the responsibility of having to get off their ass and do more than spend a few bucks…

It works every time.

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  1. Wow… Colin, you have this amazing talent of teaching a concept that gets mental juices flowing of "How ELSE can I use this in my copy?" Beautiful.

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