How to Start Being a Copywriter: Start Writing Some Copy… Now

Tyler Oakley

“All of my favorite creators started with zero… So you've got to make that first video. It's not going to be your best, but you will learn as you go.” – Tyler Oakley, Born Mar. 22, 1989.

Q. How do I get started writing copy?

Just start.

Q. What do I need to read to get started?

Nothing, just start.

Q. Which guys do I need to study first?

No one, just start.

Q. How do I go about finding clients?

Anywhere. Everywhere. Make an offer. Just start.

Q. How do I get better at copy?

Practice. Just start.

Q. How do I learn to write a sales video/letter/webinar?

Check out a few. Imitate the stuff you think is good about them. Avoid what you think is bad about them. Just start one and try it.

Q. How do I grow my own audience or list?

Publish some stuff and just start.

Q. How do I charge more money for my writing.

Just start doing that.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Do you understand the universality of this advice? Just start. Figure it out as you go. Correct your course once you're on it.

Zero is where you have to start. And you're going to suck and make mistakes at first. Good. Correcting those means more content.

Doing that will get you earning and growing and learning and succeeding faster than reading a bunch of books, or watching a bunch of videos, or eating a stick of butter with your morning coffee.

Just start. Then do it again. Regularly. Often. Share. Publish. Make offers. It's really not hard. Someone less interesting and fun than you is already succeeding at this stuff. Someone dumber than you. Uglier. Fatter. Weirder.

Get over yourself.

Start. Suck on purpose if that helps you get over it.

Just start. Make zero into +1. Start now. Right after you read this. Go. Now.

6 thoughts on “How to Start Being a Copywriter: Start Writing Some Copy… Now”

  1. I love this article. Lol. Most of the time I get addicted to watching videos or reading shits bec it makes me feel good, it makes me think I'm gaining knowledge, but really, nothing is happening unless I start applying what I learned in writing. I love your plain and honest advice. Thanks a lot, Colin!

  2. Another motivating push i needed here! Thanks for this.
    Since reading your other post about just writing i have done that…finally!
    As a new writer i feel the struggle with "what if the niche is wrong" or my brand name is wrong. Do you have any advice on fighting those daemons as they are strong?

    1. How can you get it wrong? If you decide to, you can change your name. I just operated under my own name as a copywriter. Same with a niche. You can change or serve multiple. There is no wrong way, just trying things to find the right way for you. No one ever guesses right the first time.

  3. Great Content Sir,

    The only way to learn is: Practice, Practice, Practice. Which is rings so TRUE! there is nothing to add…

    But, wait!

    What do I practice, IF in one the post…

    "What Holds You Back From Being a Copywriter is Not Writing Any Copy"

    I'm meant to just Write copies?

    I've just discovered what, I think, copywriting is… but don't know how to write copies…

    since a copy does have a structure. And for novice to write a copy, to pitch something is, um, the NOT So OBVIOUS part to me.

    I would be very greatful if you could drop a comment on this – via email or here.

    1. All there is is practice. Look at advertisements that sell. Pull them apart page by page, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence. What does each part convey to the reader to make the persuasive argument for purchase. Then try to imitate it. Don’t copy directly, but write sentences that make the same points in your own words for whatever you’re selling. Does that help?

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