The First Choice to Make Before You Buy Anything to Build Your Business

Otto Preminger

“What counts isn't the frame, it's what you put in it.” – Otto Preminger, Dec. 5, 1906.

I used to do it, too.

Get caught up in whatever the next trend is, and think my fortune would be made by following suit.

Write an ebook.

Start a membership site.

Do a joint venture launch.

Then of course, you need to have the right software. The right equipment. The right site platform. No, not that one. The NEW one. And you can resell it!

Do a YouTube channel. Do an Instagram. Start a facebook group. You should blog every day. Email every other day. Webinars every week.

Buy this camera. That light. This laptop. That app. This drone. That book. This course.

You know what? None of that shit matters UNTIL and UNLESS you have something to say. Something worth saying because it's worth knowing.

Buying formats and formulas and gizmos and gear won't make anything happen.

And listen closely, my little Cho-cha-chos.

I am NOT saying that you must wait until you have the best idea before beginning. I am saying you must begin even if you don't. If you get the camera, shoot the video. If you get the software, do the thing it does. Within 30 days of having it. If you can't or won't, don't buy it.

But get started saying shit and sharing shit and voicing your opinions. Sharing research. Publishing material.

That's what builds a voice and an audience.

That's how you get supporters to give you a living clicking on ads and buying stuff and making it worth your while to create that content.

And you'll probably find that once you've found out what you want to say, you need minimal gear and software and all that crap to actually put it across and get it out there.

Focus on that.

It's not the frame.

It's what you put in it.

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