The Two Main Missing Ingredients You Need to Become Who You Want to Be

Susanna Moodie

“The want of education and moral training is the only real barrier that exists between the different classes of men.” – Susanna Moodie, Born Dec. 6, 1803.

What is the difference between you and the expert at the top of your field? The difference between you, and who you want to strive to be?

Is the difference education?

Does that person no more about your shared niche than you do? Does that person know more about the related operational things to build a successful business within that niche?

If so, good news!

Because that education is available. Free for the self-guided learner. Paid versions with more help are plentiful.

And that applies now to almost any topic you can think of, and more educational material about more topics are added to the Internet, for free or for sale, every second of every day.

So that difference is covered. Great!

What else is different? Training? Have they been exposed to more hands-on dirty work in your field than you have? Are they more practiced and skilled and the feats you need to perform to succeed?

If so, again, GOOD NEWS!

Because today, you can easily get training right alongside the aforementioned education. There are plenty who can be paid to train you. You can take a job at a company that does what you want to do and learn from the inside.

The gig economy also means that you can take on small jobs and train as you go. Develop your skills in the real-world crucible of the actual open market. Don’t rip anyone off, obviously. Do good work, try to level up each time.

Look, copywriting – and by extension, selling stuff online in general – is like being a doctor. In the sense that you PRACTICE it. You never master it, you just keep doing it and getting better at it. It becomes easy and second nature and that’s where you want to be.

And ANYONE can get there – with education, and with training. Whether you want to acquire both yourself, or get help, both options are widely available. Free or paid. For every facet and at every step in the process.

Are you going to upgrade your class level? Or stay where you are and blame what you weren’t given? That doesn’t seem right, considering what is there for the taking.

3 thoughts on “The Two Main Missing Ingredients You Need to Become Who You Want to Be”

  1. Cheers enjoyed the read. This is where I am RIGHT NOW i think. It’s very energy draining. I spend a lot of time wondering what direction to take? who am I going to be to someone else? and who can I use as a guide and…
    “THEN figure out the business that got them there”

    Do you have any advice to help with my mental torture 🙂 ?

    1. The easiest way is to pursue what you want to achieve, record your progress, mistakes made, lessons learned, etc. Then share those with the audience comprised of people on the same journey, who may be two steps behind you. Do this long enough, by the time you reach your goal, you will have masses of conent at every level of progress, a group of apostles who have followed you the longest, and a new and growing audience being captured at every step.

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