The True Face Beneath Every Person’s Public Mask

Bristol Palin

“People just need to be confident in their own skin and be proud of themselves.” – Bristol Palin, Born Oct. 18, 1990.

Yeah. That's right. Malign the source if you must. But wisdom is found in the interpretation…

And the fact is, this is every single person that buys any old thing, hoping that thing will fill some hole in their soul that feels incomplete.

This thing you're buying will make you cool, pretty, smart, hip, respected, popular, non-conformist, etc.

Whatever you want to be, whatever you don't – I PROMISE just buy this thing and you will be fulfilled. And realized. And transformed.

You will be acknowledged. Everyone will see the real you. And will love it. Or else be jealous of it. And envy you. And covet what you have.

And all you need to do is wear this makeup and outfit and listen to this music and smell this way.

If you understand this fundamental lacking in the everyday experience of every person on the planet that participates in society… You can be rich as Croesus.

Should you use this to hurt people? No.

The point of this isn’t to give you a weapon. It’s to give you a diagnostic tool. People hurt. They ache inside.

Because most are constantly uncomfortable and feel embarrassed just to be true to themselves, unable to match a standard they’ve adopted from outside of themselves.

Even the confident, cool, attractive ones…

Get them alone with their thoughts, or in front of a mirror. See the cracks in the veneer?

If you understand and know this side of humanity, you can harness it.

Promise comfort. Promise confidence. Promise pride. Profit. Forever.

And then deliver it.

It's that easy.

Isn't it? (Yes.) But feel free to disagree vigorously. You’re different.

Everyone is.

But especially you.

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