The Secret Tactic For Writing Engaging Work: Inside

Thomas Hardy

“No one can read with profit that which he cannot learn to read with pleasure.” – Thomas Hardy, Born Jun. 2, 1840.

If you are someone trying to learn a thing for the purpose of improving yourself: don't try to learn anything from someone boring.

Don't beat yourself up for not consuming and executing on information that does not entertain you. It's not your fault they suck.

Instead, spend the time to find someone to learn from that you really enjoy. You'll learn faster, learn better, and be more likely to follow through on taking action.

And you can flip this around when it comes to creating content for your audience, too.

Be funny. Be fun. Be amusing. Be entertaining. Because look, interesting isn't enough. True isn't enough. Effective isn't enough. You must entertain.

How do you be entertaining? Well, I understand we can't all be born charming and hilarious like I was. But it's not something to be intimidated by.

Use your own taste as a guide. Instead of just passively consuming and enjoying things, learn to consciously consume the things you enjoy. When you really like something, try and pay attention and analyze why. Try to emulate what you like.

Because if you like something, chances are, other people like it, too. And it's much easier to be enthusiastic when you're creating the kind of stuff you would enjoy as a consumer.

And if you lace your stuff with pleasure, your audience is more inclined to consume it – AND implement it.

Have fun with it. Work is for suckers. 🙂

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