“Their” Understanding Is Not Required For YOUR Success

Betsey Johnson

“Real success is being totally indulgent about your own trip. You put your blinders on about the garbage and go full speed ahead.” – Betsey Johnson, Born Aug. 10, 1942.

Are you doing what you really want to do with your business and/or career?

Or are you just chasing the money?

Hey, money is good.

But what do you WANT to do? What do you want to make? What do you want to leave behind (if anything)?

What is your trip? What is it about what you do that you would pursue and explore full time if you could?

Because you CAN do that. It might take some planning and discipline. You might have to hire people to do the unsavory bits with minimal supervision from you.

But that matters. That's important.

Are you really successful if you can't indulge in the parts of your life's work that move you?

Me? I get to write stuff like this and share it with smart people like you. That's my trip.

And I obviously indulge in it often.

What's yours? What are you going to wallow in once you are successful enough? If you're putting it off, why wait?

I know that for most of the people I work with, the reasons they wait have to do with the opinions and judgments of others.

Not the people who would be fans of the work, or supporters of their livelihood.

Not potential patrons or clients or customers.

But rather, they put stock in the feedback and criticisms of those who have no passion, nor drive, nor even understanding of your trip. Those critics wouldn't dare to try, so they don't understand why you would, and should you *GASP* succeed… Well that would just make them feel bad.

And so they shoot down your idea before it can climb to its true, deserved height.

Man, fork those haters right in the ear with a rusty screwdriver.

Don't invite them on your trip. They can't come. Leave them at the station while your train speeds down the track of your chosen destiny.

Like Betsey told you – blinders, baby.

It's your life.
Your trip.
Your work.
Your art.

You do it, and share it with people who love it.

Ignore the people who don't think it should exist simply because it's not FOR them.

This takes courage.

But you have that, right?

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