A Random Encounter with the SECRET of Winning the “Game”

Gary Gygax

“The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules.” – Gary Gygax, Born Jul. 27, 1938.

Business is like this and art is like this: Just like a game.

Role playing games in particular have a strong metaphorical correlation with the info-marketing guru-type professional internet celebrity “industry”.

There aren't so much “rules” as there are guidelines based on experiments people have already tried and got good results from.

But these guidelines are not set in stone. They don't represent the “right” or the “real” way things must be done. They're just successful experiments.

You can create your own experiments. You can have your own dreams about things you wish existed, but don't. And then you can make those dreamed-of things real.

You can blaze your own trail. You can do your own thing.

Make up your own game.

And if it is FUN and WORKS for you, then pretty soon other people are naturally going to ask you how to play.

And you can teach them your game and your guidelines.

For marketing purposes, you may also try to tell them there is no other way – that you are the gatekeeper to the one best way to play the game…

But the sooner your players come to know you are full of shit in that regard, the better off they will be.

When they are READY and choose to stop being only a game player, and start being a game MASTER, they'll figure it out. Or else keep spending money for someone else to tell them how to play.

There's obviously good money in that.

Anyways, roll for initiative.

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  1. Success = Focus! The Shapes and Numbers are The Games Codes! Your Arrangements distinguish Your Game Plan from Others! Everything Start From Inside! This make Information Age Sorphisticated Era with Many Challenges and Opportunities! Thank You All For The Great Message! I Love You All!

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