Consistent And Decent Always Outperforms Sporadic Excellence

Emile Zola

“One forges one's style on the terrible anvil of daily deadlines.” – Emile Zola, Born Apr. 2, 1840.

What's it take to be a good writer? Write every day.

What's it take to build a business? Make offers every day.

What's it take to build an audience? Add new followers every day.

What's it take to build a reputation? Publish every day.

Is it all going to be great? No.

What do you get?

An ever decreasing amount of it will suck. But it will be there, every day. And you will get better every day.

An ever increasing amount of it will range from decent to damn good. Confidence follows. Because you KNOW you're getting better. You see it happen.

An unreliable, but regular occurrence will be sheer excellence. So good, you won't believe you did it. But you will have. And it will happen again.

Now, this has forever been a fact. This isn't lost wisdom or a new discovery.

Humans are biologically and physically built to become better through practice.

But no one can make you do it. You have to want to. You need to set the schedule.

What's the easiest schedule?

If the sun came up today, you're on the clock.

That's it. By the end of today.

You will write, publish, and share some piece of work. You will collect followers in some way. You will make offers to those followers. Every day. Without fail.

And if the sun is there when you wake up the next day, guess what?

Do it again.


None of this is to be happening behind the scenes. You don't go through this process in private.

Write today, publish today. Every day.

Share it, and engage with the people who enjoy it. Every single day.

Because everyone who waits, who hesitates, who doesn't emerge and start to share until they have ONLY excellence? They have only a little thing, and a little following.

Excellence is just that rare.

But you, who churn DAILY – you are not rare.

You are reliable.

And an ever increasing amount of decent to damn good content and offers and products are all out there, every day.

And hey, even occasional excellence.

But the point is that you're AVAILABLE and UBIQUITOUS and GUARANTEED to be there, every time your fans come looking.

2 thoughts on “Consistent And Decent Always Outperforms Sporadic Excellence”

  1. This particular episode/email addressed some of the things that have been rattling around in my head in the past few weeks. I'd like to say that I've had a breaktrhough, but I can't just yet. Let's see what happens after I implement your ideas for a few weeks. Until then… thank you.

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