How To Profit Against Your Competition – And Even WITH Them, Too

William M. Tweed

“I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating.” – William M. “Boss” Tweed, Born Apr. 3, 1823.

You shouldn't consider yourself as merely the seller of only your own product or service. That's too limiting. It's too narrow.

Having a product or service of your own to sell should be seen more as an opportunity to become a trusted advisor on ALL things worth buying.

YOUR thing is just giving you the opportunity to talk about the arena that surrounds it.

You’re an ambassador for a nation the prospect needs a passport to explore, and you’re their ticket in. So what can you give them a guided tour of. What other ways can you get paid by people BESIDES the customer, once you make the connection with them.

Consider your services. Think of your competitors. Do they have a referral program? Would you ask them for one? Because chances are they have strengths that you do not.

So instead of struggling to service a client you aren't equipped to help, refer them to a “competitor” for a fee, and you get paid to NOT bust your ass doing unfamiliar work.

Consider your product. Look at your competitors. Do they have affiliate programs? Could you make more money by being the FIRST ONE to mention and link your prospects to their products so that you now can profit whether your prospect buys from you OR them?

Do you think this frees you to be more honest about pros and cons of all products in your field? Do you feel like this makes you more trustworthy and valuable than a simple sales person for only one product line?

Consider that working in this way builds you a following of prospects and competitors who look to you to help them solve their problems. You are their expert advisor.

And do you think having a large audience of people interested in a certain specific niche is an audience you could advertise all sorts of things to?

They might even be a large enough audience that you could SELL advertising space to third parties. Get sponsored up and offer endorsements.

Operating this way gives you HUGE advantages against anyone else in your market that isn't diversifying this way.

So think bigger. You have my permission.

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