Propaganda Works Because It’s Consistent (Advertising, Too.)

John Berger

“Propaganda requires a permanent network of communication so that it can systematically stifle reflection with emotive or utopian slogans. Its pace is usually fast.” – John Berger, Born Nov. 5, 1936.

To me, this speaks to the necessity of frequent messages to to one's audience.

And also to the fact that a moment of quiet reflection is the last thing you want to allow a prospect to have when you are trying to close them on the sale – or at a minimum, of listening to your expertise on an ongoing basis.

Do you communicate something of value to them daily? A post, a video, a podcast, an infographic, a useful link, an interesting article…

WHAT is less important that HOW OFTEN – once you're communicating frequently enough, THEN what you say becomes more important.

Attention is short and fickle and there are a billion other things competing for everyone's attention at every given moment.

This may give you the ILLUSION that anything you must put out to compete with that maelstrom of excellence must itself be an amazing masterpiece.

Not so. Not so at all.

Mildly interesting, is fine. Slightly chuckle-worthy is good enough… IF and ONLY IF you are reliably churning them out on an expected and frequent pace. And publish in a variety of places and modalities, if you can manage it.

Because before your growing audience can really spend too much time deciding if you're worth the long term attention… Before they can spend a lot of time looking elsewhere for their fix… You've already popped out another fascinating, shiny piece of decent goodies for them to enjoy.

They could go elsewhere. And elsewhere MIGHT be better. But you're ALWAYS THERE and people will ALWAYS return to see what the next thing is. Even if they disliked what you gave them Monday, if they can EXPECT something else they MAY like on Tuesday, they will come back.

Just in case. They don't want to miss it. The gold can't be constant for every single member of your audience. They will value and connect with different things. The trick is to incentivize frequently visiting with you to see what's new.

Consistency, and ubiquity create the propaganda machine. As long as it spits out stuff they like – stuff they can use and believe in – with semi regularity, they will continue feeding it attention.

They won't get mad, or bored, or even have time to think about looking elsewhere. Which is great for your narratives. Your arguments. Your ideas and vision for their future happiness gained by following your advice.

And that stream of advice never ends. They can barely have enough time to implement every “aha” and “eureka” you give them even if they tried.

And that's right where you want them. Cozy and warm, but ever eager for another tossed morsel.

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