Contingency Plans Multiply Your Profits (With No Extra Work)

Knute Rockne

“I've found that prayers work best when you have big players.” – Knute Rockne, Born Mar. 4, 1888.

Let me teach you how to never lose again. Let me teach you how to always come out ahead.

It's called “contingency” and it's this lazy man's road to riches.

Every single thing you do successfully CAN have value in the future if you plan for it to.

If you create a successful campaign for a client, you should templatize it and actively court prospects in their same situation.

If that works several times in a row, you should then teach and sell that template to competitors of yours and turn them into customers.

Every course you teach should be a single component, covering a single professional problem with a robust solution – so that later you can combine them into a mega-course down the road.

Every article you write can be a blog, a social post, a podcast segment, a video, a live stream, an email, etc. The trick there is you don't simultaneously blast that same content out in all those formats. Save your work, and then use your own pile of previous work as an idea vault for presenting that same material in new modalities.

People will say you're lucky. You're prolific. You're super-productive. You're so talented. Etc.

But really, it's that while others pray, you're loading up your football team with big, beefy players. Your “team” grows. Your “game” improves. Eventually, it seems like you're sitting on a mountain of profitable products, propped up be envious testimonials, promoted by reams of content across all media.

It doesn't start that way. It starts with just one thing. Do it every day. And start making plans on how to use that stuff you make and do in other ways and avenues.

Recycle yourself.

Eventually, all your prayers for success will be answered. By the big ass virtual team of heavy hitters you've buffed up and trained and put out there into every arena you can.

Does that make things easier? It should.

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