Focus On What The Buyer Will Sacrifice (Besides Money)

Simon Sinek

“There is no decision that we can make that doesn't come with some sort of balance or sacrifice.” – Simon Sinek, Born Oct. 9, 1973.

You can play with this well known fact about making decisions. Everyone knows that a decision is ultimately a choice – between a thing you pick, and a thing you give up.

You always lose SOMETHING when you make a decision.

But the question is whether it's something you're better off without.

Now, consider when you are trying to sell someone something. The prospect is wary because they know that this purchase, no matter what it is, is a sacrifice of money.

That money has an easy-to-understand real-world value.

Most sales folks and persuaders might tell you that the primary thing you want to focus on is why what they GET for that sacrifice of money will be so valuable to them.

And sure, that's ok. Do that.

But consider ALSO trying to figure out what ELSE they are sacrificing when they buy besides money. What negative things will your product help them overcome or eliminate?

Can you show them that your product or service will let them sacrifice:


You can even take something they currently like, and position it as a worthy and even beneficial sacrifice to gain something even better.

A classic example of this concept would be “Give up your morning Starbucks only one day per week, and you can afford THIS AMAZING LIFE CHANGING WHATCHAMAFUKK. And it's probably better for your health to cut back on caffeine, anyway!”

Get it?

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  1. Stuart Marmorstein

    Great to have you back, Your Excellency. Reading what you write always makes my writing and my thinking better, so thank you!

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