Stuff You Choose Today Must Bear Fruit in the Future (Or Else Don’t Waste Time)

Donald Glover

“I started doing '30 Rock' and started writing ‘Mystery Team' at the beginning of that. While I was doing ‘Mystery Team,' I started practicing stand-up. While I was doing stand up, I got ‘Community.' It's like I planted trees six years ago, and now they have fruit.” – Donald Glover, Born Sep. 25, 1983.

Here is a perspective that I have found useful over the past several years or so of my career. And by career, I mean freelance copywriter to cult-leader (an obvious progression).

Whenever you are planning a project of any kind – whether it's a project you're taking on for a client, or a product or service of your own – think not only of the present, but of the future.

What will this project be to you a year from now? Two? Five? Ten?

How will you talk about it?
How will you be leveraging the work or the story?

How does what you are working on right now fit into your “legend” or personal brand?

For example, when I used to do a single training, I was thinking of potential future product bundles, or how it fits into the eventual subscription model I use exclusively now.

When I make these posts, I'm thinking of how they will eventually be emails and blog posts and a book.

Besides helping you think strategically, and plan better for the long term, there is an additional big benefit.

And that is motivation.

When you can clearly imagine all the future potential benefits to be reaped from just getting off your ass and doing this one task in front of you now, it makes it feel much more worthwhile to put the comic books away and roll up your sleeves.

At least, that's how I feel about it.

Try it. You might like it.

Plant some trees, and think about what those fruits will be in the not-too-distant, and approaching-faster-than-you'll-believe future.

What are you planting?

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  1. Thank you for the immense value you have been sending Colin. Has helped me during some tough times. Also, has improved my Copywriting

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