This One Word Describes The Only Thing Worth “Selling” (No Matter What Your Product Is…)

Charles Revson

“In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope.” – Charles Revson, Born Oct. 11, 1906.

This is something to remember for all you would-be copywriters out there.

The product is the product. It has features and aspects and components. Even a digital product has a page count or a domain name or a run time.

It can be easy to get caught up in these product details, describing them in what we hope are appealing, tantalizing ways.

Even beginner copy hands know that you need to take those features and attach them to benefits. Projecting the potential positive outcome of owning and using the product, so the prospect can picture it in their own lives after purchase.

And you can even take it a step beyond, where you point out the unique advantages of a given feature, to show why your client’s product is superior relative to the competition.

But we can’t forget the buyer in all this. We can’t get caught up in making it all about the product and the creator and the market and the competition.

The buyer is the end user. They have a problem. Your product is a potential solution to that problem. You’re making promises that their problem will not only be solved, but that the negative effects up to now will be reversed.

You’re painting the picture of their new life without the problem, where they receive all the things they hoped they could have if this problem had not been holding them back their whole lives.

Hope. Hope is what you’re implanting. Hope is the unannounced bonus that comes with every purchase. Hope for a problem-free and pleasure/profit filled future. Hope of abandoning bothersome baggage and bad outcomes and leaving them in the past.

Hope. Because hope is anticipation of a beneficial outcome. Hope is a predisposition of positivity BEFORE they even buy. Hope is what turns a product purchase into an INVESTMENT in themselves that will reap rewards forever.


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