Waiting For Clients and Customers To Come To You Is Dumb As Hell

P. T. Barnum

“Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!” – P. T. Barnum, Born Jul. 5, 1810.

This is true in all fields, but I mostly talk to marketing and writing freelancers who have this bizarre expectation that simply hanging up your shingle is going to get you customers and clients.


The best product or service in the world will gather dust while a mediocre competitor will rake it in due to superior effort at promotion.

You need to KNOW what it is you ACTUALLY do.

What is the problem you solve best?
What is the needed result you can deliver, guaranteed?

Then you need to know WHO can use that result.

Who needs it?
Where are they?

Then you need to contact them and bother them (in a good way) until they agree to let you fix their problem in exchange for their money.

Don't wait for them to come to you. You want to eat, don't you? You want to buy cool stuff and accrue wealth and all that happy horseshit, yeah?

Then don't let strangers suffer from problems you KNOW you can solve! They are out there, suffering in silence and desperation. They are living with it, or even worse…

…They are pitched HARD by some shitty scam artist who isn't afraid to go fishing for dollars. They are getting victimized, and you are letting it happen!

As if that's not bad enough, that only leaves your prospects in a LESS likely position to hire YOU to clean up the mess the bad guy leaves behind.

Because they are left skeptical and short on cash.

So, repeat after me…

If you do SOLID work, and you deliver SOLID results, then you have a DUTY to seek out and persuade problem sufferers that you can help and literally ANNOY them into accepting your help.

Because if you are legit and solve their pressing problem with a result they are pleased with, they will NEVER be mad at how hard you worked to get them to buy it off you.

It's literally never happened in the history of humanity.

So go get yours. Someone is literally waiting for you to rescue them. Right now. They are going to lose sleep tonight over a problem you could relieve them of. Their only problem is THEY DON'T KNOW YOU YET.


But they will, right?

4 thoughts on “Waiting For Clients and Customers To Come To You Is Dumb As Hell”

  1. Absolute wisdom. I prefer to think of myself not as a salesman but an educator in my field of expertise. I hadn't considered the 'suffering' of not having access to my knowledge, so thanks, Colin, for the change of perspective.

    I'll be more proactive in my activity and messaging! — Ken

  2. This hits hard, we have a program for retired men to find meaning and purpose and they don't know us! They don't come to us, we need to find out where they are and create relationships with them to build trust so we can deliver our program.

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