Hot Tip For Busting Writer’s Block: Flip The Script

Tibor Kalman

“I'm always trying to turn things upside down and see if they look any better.” – Tibor Kalman, Born, Jul. 6, 1949.

When you're stuck, a change in perspective can make all the difference in the world.

Obviously, writers don't have the same ease in just “turning things upside down” that a designer might have.

But if any given piece of work is stifling you, consider radical change.

Not necessarily because your output will be better – but because it will simply unclog the blockage.

For example, if you're stuck writing a sales page or offer… Flip it “upside down” and write a hate letter about the product from a disgruntled customer.

If you're writing an “action” piece that is supposed to get someone to click or subscribe or fill out a form, and you're blocked…

Flip it “upside down”, and instead write about why no one in their right mind should EVER do the action you want them to.

Reversing the creative flow has an uncanny way of acting like a mental plunger when the pipeline of ideas is plugged up and will not flow.

Once again – I'm not suggesting the output of this reversal exercise will ever be actually usable. But the activity itself will yield powerful ideas.

You may be able to mine bits and pieces you can use. But even if you can't, the practice of this kind of thinking over time will make you a better and more agile persuader.

Heck, practice it anywhere and everywhere.

Any time an argument comes up on social media about a subject you have strong opinions on, try arguing for the opposite of what you actually feel.

Just for fun. Just to pretend. Just to flex your mental muscles to the point where you can easily and confidently argue for or against anything.

WARNING: this might accidentally make you more sympathetic and open minded when it comes to ideas you currently oppose…

But that's how powerful the technique is. When you're jammed up, change your perspective. Reverse it. Pretend. See what pops loose.

Do you have any similar tricks for flexing your mental muscles when you find yourself bound up?

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  1. Went to get the Rory's cube App on G Play for $2 (Android), but so many crash reviews… I'mma get the real ones.

    Great actionable "extras" in your email newsletter.

    Thanks for everything, as always.

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