Show Prospects What You Stand Against, and They Presume You Stand For Them

John Shelby Spong

“I learned early in life that you get places by having the right enemies.” – John Shelby Spong, Born Jun. 16, 1931.

Who or what do you hate? What will you absolutely not stand for? What are you sick of? What grinds your gears? What gets your goat? What gags your giraffe?…

Not in general, but about your field of expertise. Your niche. Your bailiwick.

Expand it – do some research now and find out what your audience hates, too.

Make a list, and immediately begin griping and disparaging these enemies that you despise. On video. In print. Any and everywhere.

Don't whine – be angry. Be righteously indignant. Call,out these enemies for the wrong they do. Do it on behalf of your audience members who may be new to your world. Do it on behalf of the veterans who follow you who are tired of the same shit.

Most importantly, offer something that stands in opposition to these villains.

It's just a fact that people will connect with other people more quickly when they have a common shared enemy than they will if they have likes and values in common.

Sure, you get a DEEPER connection out of shared positive things. But to make an immediate bond, start with the negative.

Frequently, just for the fact of detailing the things you loathe in your field, people will naturally and subconsciously presume you to be the opposite of that.

They presume your products must be the total reverse of the negatives you both want to avoid and eradicate.

And that makes them want your stuff real bad. It's everything they love and nothing they hate!

So sell it to them.

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