Dreams Unhitched to Determination Will Remain Locked In Your Skull Forever, Of No Benefit to Anyone

D. A. Pennebaker

“A film is made in somebody's head – out of their determination to do it at all.” – D. A. Pennebaker, Born Jul. 15, 1925.

This is where failure nestles in, curled up warm and safe, using your plans and goals as a cozy little blanket.

Everyone's got an idea. Most people have good ideas. Profitable ones, anyway.

But nothing will ever happen, because they have no determination to do it.

Listen, you could make a movie if you wanted. You don't need to do it certain way, or to go to school for it first.

Same with starting a business, or a freelance service career like copywriting.

Lots of people want to. They dream to. It's obviously possible, because you know people right now living your dream.

Unless you're a mutant or something, someone is doing what you wish you could be doing – creating and making a living by the same means you dream for yourself.

If they can do it, you can. Your ideas and dreams don't have to live in your head. You are allowed to work on them to make them real.

If you're waiting for someone's permission to be as awesome as you could be in your imagination, permission granted.

Get started immediately after reading this.

Just start. Make a plan. Set up milestone goals for yourself and start knocking them down.

Or else get used to bitching constantly for the rest of your life about how you coulda, woulda, shoulda… but didn't… Because of reasons that will probably be a great comfort for the worms in your grave.


2 thoughts on “Dreams Unhitched to Determination Will Remain Locked In Your Skull Forever, Of No Benefit to Anyone”

    1. Ain’t that the truth of it? Why leave the spoils to dummies that are willing to take them when we could get more but feel undeserving or whatever. Smart people need to start taking ownership again. We’ve ceded too much to dummies as of late.

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